IP, Privacy, and Security

Your data is on AtomCloud - now what?
We know that your nanoscience data is extremely valuable - each piece of data is the result of thousands to millions of expert hours and invested dollars, an incremental but critical step towards realizing a new discovery, product, or process. Atomic Data Sciences wants to help you extract as much value out of this data as possible and extend the useful lifetime of all of your nanoscience data. Concerns over data privacy and security should not get in the way of using the most powerful modern software and data science methods to work with nanoscience data. Atomic Data Sciences' policies with respect to intellectual property, data privacy, and data security are outlined below.

Intellectual Property

Intellectual Property
All rights to the original data and any resulting data derived by the AtomCloud platform, and all intellectual property attached to or resulting from either the original data or any results derived by the AtomCloud platform, remain with the original uploader. In the case of an organizational contract with Atomic Data Sciences, the intellectual property falls to the policy of the client organization. Atomic Data Sciences does not and never will claim any intellectual property rights over original data or derived data in the platform.

Data Privacy

Data sharing is fundamental to modern science, but being able to control the extent and reach of your data is critical to safeguard valuable intellectual property and encourage experimentation. To meet the wide-ranging requirements of modern scientific data, Atomic Data Sciences is implementing three levels of data sharing in AtomCloud to ensure maximum control over your data.
Shared Data - Privacy Level 0
Data marked as 'shared' will be visible to the wider AtomCloud community. This is a good privacy level for data that has been already published in the academic literature or corresponds to publicly established materials and procedures. Searchable, shared data is powerful to help jump-start other investigations looking for similarities in methodology or results within a given material composition. Atomic Data Sciences uses shared data for the purposes of platform improvements.
Private Data - Privacy Level 1 (Default)
The default privacy level, data marked as private is visible only to the uploader and the uploader's organization. This privacy setting is meant for typical data workflows in research and development or commercial quality control. Atomic Data Sciences uses private data for platform improvements.
Incognito Data - Privacy Level 2
The highest data privacy level. Data marked as incognito is visible to the uploader and the uploader's organization, but will not be included in Atomic Data Sciences' platform improvement efforts. This setting is ideal for projects with sensitive funding requirements.

Data Security

Atomic Data Sciences' platform and APIs are all secured using OAuth2 authentication, the current standard for web security. We are in the process of adding 2-factor authentication for user accounts. All data is versioned and backed up in real-time and we are able to recover any data that is accidentally deleted. To delete your account and remove all data from Atomic Data Sciences' systems, please contact us and we will be glad to help transfer your data off-platform.