Pattern Analysis

Analytics -> Pattern Analysis

Once a file has been processed and status reads Success, select the file and extract frames (if a video) to analyze single images.

Selecting a file

You have several options to search or filter your files to make it easier to find the one you want

  • Search by file name

  • Sort by date or other parameter

Extracting single images from a video

When a video is selected the player will appear below. Play the video or Wipe through the playback bar until you reach a frame you wish to extract.

(Playback speed can be changed by clicking on settings in the the bottom right corner of the player. By default this is set to 8x.)

Click on Analize Current Frame to extract a single image for processing. Extracted images will appear below.

Calibrating pattern metrics + image adjustments

You can calibrate the pattern metrics by setting a length scale conversion value (pixels/Angstrom) as well as invert colors and adjust contract and brightness by clicking Image Settings.

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